Osteocel® Plus Preparation Instructions

Step 1

Upon obtaining Osteocel® Plus from frozen storage, remove peel pack from protective covering. Osteocel® Plus can not be refrozen.

Step 2

Designated person opens sterile peel pack utilizing standard sterile technique.

Step 3

A sterile scrub person removes the Osteocel® Plus container from the peel pack without compromising sterility.

Step 4

The Osteocel® Plus container is placed into a basin of saline at physiological temperature (95-102°F / 35-39°C). Depending on size of container, Osteocel® Plus will take 15-20 minutes to thaw. It can also be thawed at ambient temperature for 1 hour. Do not warm above 102°F / 39°C.

Step 5

Once thawed, Osteocel® Plus will be at the bottom of the container with the cryopreservation cell saving liquid on the top.

Step 6

The cryopreservation cell saving liquid should be decanted and discarded.

Step 7

Add sterile saline to fully immerse Osteocel® Plus. Osteocel® Plus can be maintained in saline for up to 4 hours.

Step 8

Pour off saline prior to use. Do not allow the cells to dry out. Osteocel® Plus is now ready for use.