Osteocel® Plus is an allograft cellular bone matrix retaining native mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and osteoprogenitor cells

Complete: provides all 3 components for bone formation: 
 > osteoconductivity: cancellous scaffold
 > osteoinductivity: MSC growth factor production and demineralized cortical bone
 > osteogenicity: MSCs and osteoprogenitor cells

Physiological: mimics biologic profile of autograft

Consistent: each lot tested for cell concentration, cell viability, and cell activity (osteogenic potential)

Mimics the Biological Profile of Autograft

The proprietary processing technology that produces Osteocel® Plus results in a viable bone matrix product that preserves the native MSCs and osteoprogenitors found in marrow-rich bone. It was the first product available to have the desired beneficial properties of an autograft - osteoconduction, osteoinduction and osteogenesis – and that allows surgeons to provide their patients with a complete solution without the added risk and cost of a secondary procedure.

Osteocel® Plus grafts have been used since 2005 in over 
250,000 procedures, with no reported adverse events1

Low Immunogenicity

Mesenchymal stem cells are immune privileged cells that do not stimulate a cellular immune response. Osteocel® Plus does not activate T cell proliferation, as shown in vitro from Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) testing2.

Histologic Evidence

Histology from a human sinus augmentation study using Osteocel® Plus shows high vital bone content at 16 weeks, with low residual graft material.3

Bone Formation

MCSs contained in Osteocel® Plus are capable of differentiating into bone-forming cells (osteoblasts)4. Every lot of Osteocel® Plus is tested for bone-forming potential.

Viable Cell Content

The osteogenic potential arises from the mesenchymal and osteoprogenitor cells in Osteocel® Plus. Following processing of marrow-rich bone, release testing demonstrates osteogenic potential according to the following criteria:
 • Rich supply of osteopotent cells: Greater than 50,000 cells/cc
 • Viability: Greater than 70% cell viability
 • Positive osteogenicity: In vitro cell culture assay

Available in 1cc and 5cc vials. 

Please call to place an order.

Because Osteocel® Plus is shipped frozen 
on dry ice, all orders must be taken over the phone and strict guidelines on handling, preparation, delivery days and usage must be followed. 

Please call for more details.


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