History of ACE Surgical

In 1990, ACE launched its first dental implant system. It was the company’s first endeavor into machine manufacturing. Alan Balfour was hired as Biomechanical Manager, and he set up the operation in southern California. He is now a partner in the firm.

In 1992, Craig Carchidi became Production Manager, directing in-house production and quality control. He introduced new efficiencies and standards, and opened an ISO 100,000 certified Clean Room, qualifying ACE as a medical manufacturing company.

In 1994, Chris Carchidi became head of marketing. He created an online store for ecommerce, made the catalog more of a reference guide about new techniques and procedures, and boosted visibility for ACE in industry media. “We find great meaning in our work because we are not just a supply resource, but a resource for research, knowledge and innovation,” he says.

In 2008, ACE became proud partners with Henry Schein, the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to dental and medical office-based practitioners. The leaders at Henry Schein knew and appreciated that ACE was truly a pioneer in dental implants and bone grafting.

In 2008, the sons of the founder assumed new formal job titles. Craig Carchidi became President, and Chris Carchidi became V.P. and Director of Marketing. “Over the years ACE has stuck to its principles, and its customers remained loyal. Some are customers for life,” said Craig Carchidi. “At trade shows, the ACE booth is often the busiest, with a steady stream of customers coming to visit. We are proud they consider us a reliable partner, and meaningful to their practice.”

Since 1992, ACE has been going global. Starting in Europe, the company’s first partnership was set up as ACEuropa. After opening in Portugal, soon there were partnerships in Germany, France, U.K., Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Middle East and Australia. Now the ACE footprint can be found almost everywhere. In distribution, products, and service, ACE is still pioneering.

ACE Quality Certifications and Compliance
Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II
Directive 93/42/EEC Annex V
ISO 13485:2003 / CMDCAS
ISO 13485:2003 / UKAS 
FDA Tissue Registration
CA Compliance Program
NABP - VAWD Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors
NABP-VAWD Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors

Dr. Edward Carchidi, DDS, pioneered in a new profession. He was a renowned oral surgeon in Boston, a city known for medical innovation. In the 1960s, oral surgery was moving from the hospital Operating Room to the dentist office, and oral surgeons had to learn how to become business managers. For one thing, they had to figure out how to acquire their own surgical supplies.

Dr. Carchidi had an idea that led to his becoming an inventor. He realized that if the long extension tube for anesthesia, designed for an O.R., were shorter, it would provide better access to a patient in a dentist chair, and it would cut the tremendously high cost of the drug being wasted. So he designed molds for new, shorter tubing. The products he engineered are still sold today as a standard in dental surgery.

He shared his new invention with other oral surgeons, and went on to develop a complete I.V. set. His ingenuity led to a whole portfolio of products to be manufactured and distributed. That was the beginning of a new venture, which he later named, ACE Surgical Supply.

What was most remarkable about this venture was Dr. Carchidi’s dedication to character, say oral surgeons who were his friends. One recalled, “He always made decisions based on doing the right things. He followed the Golden Rule – doing for oral surgeons what he’d want for his own patients and practice: providing the best products at reasonable prices. He knew that patients could only afford so much, and he cared about them.”

Dr. Carchidi had invaluable help in building the business for over twenty years: his wife, Barbara, who had been a nurse. Together they created a family type of ethic and atmosphere for ACE. Employees knew they were appreciated in every way. They, in turn, cared about the company and all who worked there. As a result, few ever left the firm. ACE has a record of unmatched employee loyalty.

The dedication of employees is evident in ACE developing a vast array of products. No competitor comes close to offering its range of products. It is inspired by a company principle: If it’s something that helps customers, ACE will supply it, regardless of the profit margin. That’s why ACE presents its motto as an actual promise: “The complete dental solution.”

For 45 years, ACE has grown. Every year, ACE Surgical Supply has expanded – in the number of customers, products, and employees. Year-over-year sales have steadily gone up.