miniMARK Dental Implant Surgical System

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09-2949-76 miniMark Implant Kit Includes:~63-011-06 - Stainless Steel Tissue Probe, 1-12mm Markings~003-5245 Torque Wrench ~206-8393 Zest Locator Male Install/Removal Tool~ 20-1519-11 miniMARK Hand Driver ~ 04-9741-11 miniMARK Contra Angle Driver~ 92-000-03 Contra Angle Tissue Punch~ 20-9005-01 miniMARK Mini Tissue Dept Gauge~20-9780-01 Parallel Pin/Depth Gauge~454-281001 2.3 Implant Starter Bur (0.8/1.6mm)~454-281201 2.3 Implant Dense Bone Bur (0.7/1.3mm)~454-281002 2.9 Implant Starter Bur (1.3/2.1mm)~454-281401 2.9 Implant Dense Bone Bur (1.2/1.8mm)~88-33-0009 3.25mm Implant Starter Bur (1.6-2.35mm)~04-9881-01 3.25mm Implant Twist Drill (2.8mm)-04-9561-01 3.25mm Implant Bone Tap-454-5211 Autoclavable Set Up Tray (insert shown removed)

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miniMARK Dental Implant System

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09-2949-76 miniMARK Dental Implant Surgical System N/A $840.29$714.25

In Stock

454-281201 2.3mm miniMARK Dense Bone Bur (0.7/1.3mm), Contra Angle N/A $60.49$54.44

In Stock

454-281002 2.9mm miniMARK Starter Drill (1.3/2.1mm), Contra Angle N/A $60.49$54.44

In Stock

454-281401 2.9mm miniMARK Dense Bone Bur (1.2/1.8mm), Contra Angle N/A $60.49$54.44

In Stock

20-1519-11 miniMARK Hand Driver N/A $46.79$45.39

In Stock

04-9741-11 miniMARK Contra Angle Driver N/A $46.79$45.39

In Stock

20-9005-01 miniMARK Tissue Depth Gauge/Parallel Pin N/A $26.99$22.94

In Stock