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Throughout the month of July, ACE+Plus Qualified Customers can purchase miniMAKR implants at 30% off of the everyday regular price. Don't miss these great savings a truly outstanding value.

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The miniMARK Dental Implant System is an affordable option for denture wearers; this system is the first implant system to feature the renowned LOCATOR® attachment.

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The miniMARK implant kit is designed to offer the ultimate in both convenience and practicality. Whether you are placing the 2.3mm or the implant all the drivers and tools are within reach.


A comprehensive kit consisting of Recess, Trim, Undercut, Grind and Vent Burs, as well as a Polisher, all of which are designed to address the most frequent over denture preparation requirements.

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The LOCATOR® attachment comes standard with the miniMARK dental implant allowing for infinite retention between the implant body and the denture.

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The miniMARK System enables you to care for your own patients easily and comfortably, in the familiar surroundings of your office.

Two Great Products. One Remarkable Implant.

A Trusted Attachment

The first mimi implant system with the
world-renowned Locator Attachment.

An Effortless Mini Implant System

Restores dental function with a minimally
invasive, same-day procedure.