Osteocel - Cellular Bone Matrix

Osteocel The Cellular Advantage
What is Osteocel® Plus?

Osteocel® Plus Mimics the Biological Profile of Autograft

The proprietary processing technology that produces Osteocel® Plus results in a viable bone matrix product that preserves the native MSCs and osteoprogenitors found in marrow-rich bone. It was the first product available to have the desired beneficial properties of autograft - osteoconduction, osteoinduction, and osteogenesis - and that allows surgeons to provide their patients with a complete solution without the added risk and cost of a secondary procedure.

 The Osteocel® Plus Advantage

Ordering Osteocel® Plus

Beacuse Osteocel® Plus is shipped frozen on dry ice, all orders must be taken over the phone and strict guidelines on handling, preparation, delivery days, and usage must be followed.

For complete details, please call ACE customer service at 800.441.3100
Monday-Friday 8am-7pm EST

Regular users, ask about our In-Office Freezer Program